Brand Story

Geek Technology, a company based in New York and a world leading home appliance brand celebrating the diversity and spirit of the American culture. With the midset of not targeting masses, we put the emphasis on product customization and technical innovat

Geek Chef engineers focused on making your cooking experience hassle free while giving the taste and appearance of a gourmet meal that meets the needs of your fmaily.

Geek Aire is design forward, innovative and built to be a high quality product, focused on maintaining personal comfort anywhere and anytime.

Geek Heat an environment heating product designed with instant heat technology offering comfort anywhere and anytime.  

In the era of debris, focus on the king, The wave of homogenization is coming, But there is a love in our hearts, Adhere to the spirit of exploration that has been in the past decade. GEEK has hadmany innovations and creations since its

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